With One Touch

Silhouette Romance #1638

By Karen Rose Smith

January 2003

Contemporary Romance

Dr. Nate Stanton craved his privacy. The son of one of Hollywood's favorites, he was tired of having his life in the spotlight. So he had left, and created his own sanctuary in the small town of Whisper Rock, Arizona. With the arrival of his new employee, Brooke Pennington, Nate quickly found his life being disrupted. She was obviously running from something, or someone. But he needed a partner, and even if she wasn't willing to commit to staying long-term, he hoped that he would be able to change her mind.

Brooke told everyone that she enjoyed traveling, and seeing different parts of the country. But that wasn't the complete truth. She wasn't running from the law, but something more profound. She was running because of her own self. She had become a veterinarian because she loved animals, but she also had a secret ability. There were certain occasions that she had the ability to lay her hands on an animal, and cure it. Brooke kept this secret, for as long as she could. Eventually, this would be discovered, and she would leave.

I adored this story. In fact, anyone who is an animal lover should read it. It is easy to identify with the hero and heroine. They have problems that many can associate with. Their friends and families are people that will capture the reader as well. It's a very quick read, excellent to just pick up and go.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com