Which Child Is Mine?

Silhouette Special Edition #1655

By Karen Rose Smith

December 2004

Contemporary Romance

The night his child was born was both the best and worst night of Chase Remmington's life. He was given his precious daughter Marianne, but his wife died. Now, three years later, it appeared that something else had happened that night. Marianne is very ill, and now it is determined that he is not her father...another consequence of that fateful night.

Jillian Kendall had learned to be cautious and be careful in placing her trust. So when a man appears, claiming that their daughters had been switched, she knows better than to follow blindly. Once she learns that Marianne is indeed her daughter, Jillian's inherent fears surface. Although Chase appears to want to work things out with her in the best interest of both girls, and although his attraction to her appears sincere, Jillian was uncertain. She was at a financial disadvantage to Chase, and she had learned first hand that vows could easily be broken.

Karen Rose Smith has a knack for writing stories that reach out and grab the hearts of the readers. Using her unique technique, she has written a touching story that highlights the traumatic distress parents experience in such a situation, while weaving a love story that lightens that impact.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com