To Protect and Cherish

Silhouette Romance #1810

By Karen Rose Smith

April 2006

Contemporary Romance

Anita Sutton needed this job. The death of her husband had left her a single mother of three children who had to deal with mounting bills and the realization that he had not been faithful to her. Determined to make the lives of her three young children the best it could be, Anita knew that the position of housekeeper in Tate Pardell's home would be ideal. Not only would it give her family a better place to live, but it would also significantly help her financially. If only she didn't want Tate so much.

Tate Pardell certainly wanted Anita from the moment he saw her. Knowing that she was going to live in his home, and with three young children, Tate intended to not give her the job. But there was Anita's sheer determination to have this job, and her absolutely outstanding skills in the kitchen. If only he didn't need Anita so much.

Tate had lived without family for many years, and the arrival of Anita and the children soon had him realizing what he was missing. Not only did he enjoy having them around, but he appreciated Anita for making his house a home. They both knew that the potential of the lines between employer and employee could be crossed, and worried what the consequences would be.

Karen Rose Smith always writes romances that touch the heart. They are quick reads with characters that we the readers can relate to. The sparks fly between Anita and Tate from the moment they meet, but the welfare of the children must come first. They are a hero and heroine that readers can admire.

Kathy Andrico -