Their Baby Bond

Silhouette Special Edition #1588

By Karen Rose Smith

January 2004

Contemporary Romance

Tori Phillips had always wanted a child, and she was nervous with anticipation as she stood on the threshold of motherhood. In a few months, she was going to adopt a baby from a pregnant teenager. Hoping to finish some last minute remodeling before the baby arrived, Tori called Jake Galeno. When she had seen his ad, she had called him immediately. His sister had been her best friend in school, and he had even been her date for her senior prom. That night had been magical for her, and seeing him now, Tori found herself falling under his spell once again.

Jake had returned to Santa Fe to start a construction business - not run away from his past, as everyone tried to tell him. He was happy to be near his family again, especially since his sister had lost her husband, and had two young children to raise. However, he couldn't seem to escape the lure of his law enforcement background. But it was the specter from that past that couldn't allow him to make commitments, and commitments were what someone like Tori needed.

Ms Smith has a talent for writing poignant romances with engaging characters. The readers will feel the apprehension with Tori as she awaits the mother's final decision regarding whether she will sign the adoption papers. And Jake's struggle to protect those he loves - in particular, a background check on his sister's boyfriend - endeared him to this reader.

Kathy Andrico -