The Good Doctor

The Fortunes of Texas Continuity Series

Silhouette Signature Select

By Karen Rose Smith

October 2005

Contemporary Romance

Dr. Violet Fortune was dedicated to two things, her family and her job. Her family gave her grief and love, as only a tight knit loving family can. Her job gave her focus and financial security. However, some recent events had caused her to question her own judgment, and she had come back to Texas. But there was another reason she was back - a man she considered a second father had a potential health problem. His symptoms led her to ask for help from a neurosurgeon. But as Ryan Fortune wished to keep this issue a secret from all, family, friends, media, Violet had gone to consult with a pediatric neurosurgeon.

Dr. Peter Clark knew of Violet, but he was shocked by the awareness he felt when he met her. It was as if they connected on a more intimate level. With the potential serious condition that his friend Ryan could be facing, Peter had immediately agreed to help them find the cause of his symptoms. Unfortunately, Peter suspected that he would have agreed to do anything with Violet just to spend more time with her.

But Violet lived in New York, not Texas. A long distance relationship was always demanding. Peter also knew from past experience the difficulties involved in a relationship with two career oriented individuals. But he was also aware of the benefits of being in a loving relationship, and the more time he spent with Violet, the more he was willing to believe that the two of them had potential.

This is yet another heart-tugging romance written by Karen Rose Smith. Violet is a heroine trying to find her balance after having to deal with an emotional upheaval, and Peter is a hero up to any challenges. He is caring and dedicated to his patients. This story provides updates of various members of the Fortune clan, a dash of suspense, and romance.

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