The Texan's Happily-Ever-After

Baby Experts Series - Book 5

Silhouette Special Edition #2044

By Karen Rose Smith

May 2010

Contemporary Romance

Dr. Raina Gibson knew that Shep McGraw was a wonderful father. The bachelor had opened his home to three children. He may be a foster father, but he cared for them as any good parent would. She also knew that there was an attraction between the two of them. An attraction that they had ignored for months, but after a casual visit burned out of control. Now she was pregnant, and her baby's father was a proud man. A reliable man. A man who fully embraced his responsibilities, but Raina didn't want to marry simply as a responsibility. She wanted a partnership.

Shep knew he couldn't expect much with a marriage to Raina. The passion between them was undeniable, but Raina had been married before. Her husband had been a hero, he had died in New York on Sept 11. Shep wasn't a hero. He had a past he wouldn't share with anyone, least of all Raina. He would keep his past in the past, and hope that there could still be a future together.

The Texan's Happily-Ever-After was an enjoyable romance with characters that I am always happy to revisit. Shep was a hero who never considered himself as one, yet every bit of his life was heroic. Raina was the perfect heroine to allow Shep to see himself as he actually was. This was the fifth story in what is now the six book Baby Experts series, and I look forward to the final one.

Kathy Andrico -


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