Take A Chance On Me

Logan's Legacy Continuity Series

Silhouette Special Edition #1599

By Karen Rose Smith

March 2004

Contemporary Romance

Having never felt a true member of his adoptive family, Adam Bartlett is understandably overwhelmed to learn that his biological father, Jared Cambry, had found him. Learning that his half-brother desperately needed a bone marrow transplant, Adam quickly agreed to the test. Regardless of his feelings towards his father, and his deep-rooted dislike of hospitals, his brother needed help, and he was willing to try. Already feeling unsettled, Adam then had the shock of seeing his ex-girlfriend at the hospital, and confronting the disturbing memories that resurrected.

Leigh Peters had been assigned to act as liaison between the potential donor and the Cambry family. It came as a complete shock to discover that the man would be Adam, the man she had broken up with in order to pursue a career in medicine. She knew of his distrust, and deep dislike, for anything associated with the medial field, and she also knew of his deep desire to be part of a true family. She was the perfect person for this job, and the worst. How could she allow any relationship to start, when she was going to leave soon to train to be a doctor?

Ms Smith always provides a romance with a compelling storyline that is complex, emotional, and stirring. The hero and heroine each have their own issues to resolve, and there are secondary characters which are well developed. This story is part of the Logan's Legacy Continuity Series (various authors) within Silhouette Special Edition, but stands completely on its own.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com