A Precious Gift

Logan's Legacy - Book 6

Silhouette Continuity Series

By Karen Rose Smith

November 2004

Contemporary Romance

Brian and Carrie Summers should have had the perfect marriage. She was a former model, beautiful in both appearance and heart. Brian had been very successful in land development deals. But they couldn't have children. Now, after extensive interviews, they had finally been accepted to become potential adoptive parents. It was simply time to wait and see if a pregnant mother would be willing to select them as adoptive parents.

And suddenly, unexpectedly quick, they had been chosen. Carrie was elated, and willing to bring this unknown young woman into their home. Brian, however, is more reserved. He realizes the uncertainty of the promise that they may receive this unborn child. Their differing views reflected the differences that were beginning to draw them apart. Can they find the strength to overcome the challenges they face and save their marriage?

This story is part 6 of the Logan's Legacy Continuity Series. Although it was not necessary to read the preceding books, one main storyline in this book is not resolved. However, it is always a joy to read any story by Ms Smith as she captivates her readers with romances teeming with intense emotion.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com