Once Upon A Baby

Silhouette Romance #1737

By Karen Rose Smith

September 2004

Contemporary Romance

Sheriff Simon Blackstone never considered himself a home and hearth kind of man. His father's past always haunted him. He had learned the hard way the consequences of people knowing about his father. When pregnant Risa Parker moved in next door to him, he assured himself that he was only checking in on her because it was part of his responsibilities as sheriff, and had nothing to do with the attraction he felt whenever he saw her. Risa was exactly the kind of woman he knew he should avoid - a woman who would want commitment.

Risa Parker had escaped an unhappy marriage through the tragic death of her husband. Not physically abusive, her husband had been controlling and domineering. He had reduced her self-esteem to the point where she now fought for her new-found independence. But was it really independence when she said no to him helping her, or fear of someone controlling her again? And was it knowledge of his reputation with the ladies that made her reiterate to everyone that he was just a kind neighbor, or fear of the feelings that he provoked in her?

Once Upon a Baby is a romance between two people whose future depends on them overcoming fears that are a result of their past. Readers will be quickly drawn into this story. Ms Smith continues to deliver poignant romances filled with love, teeming with emotion, and topped with characters whom the readers will care about.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com