Lullaby For Two

Baby Experts Series - Book 1

Silhouette Special Edition #1961

By Karen Rose Smith

March 2009

Contemporary Romance

Vince Rossi had returned. Dr. Tessa McGuire wouldn't have been so surprised, except that he was at her office, with a baby. It had been two decades since she had seen her ex-husband, but the impact was just as strong as when they had been in school, but so much else had changed. She could never forget that he had left.

Vince hadn't expected that Tessa would end up being Sean's doctor, but both he and Tessa were willing to set aside their past in the best interest of Sean. Vince had become Sean's legal guardian after his partner, and partner's wife, died in an accident. Now, Sean's need for medical treatment, and possibly surgery, had sent Vince home.

Tessa knew better than to get close to Vince and Sean, knew that it would prove too painful. Sean represented everything Vince and she would never have together, and Vince had said that he had only accepted a temporary assignment in town. Their past had also proven that he wouldn't stay, but that didn't stop her heart from caring for both Sean, and his new dad.

Lullaby For Two was a touching reunion story of two individuals who had made mistakes when they were young, but were now being granted a second chance of happiness together. I enjoyed watching them both heal from the pain of their past, and reaffirm their love. This was a touching start to Karen Rose Smith's Baby Experts series.

Kathy Andrico -