Expecting His Brother's Baby

Baby Bonds Series - Book 3

Silhouette Special Edition #1779

By Karen Rose Smith

September 2006

Contemporary Romance

Kylie Warner had struggled to save Saddle Ridge Ranch, and her marriage to Alex. Alex had spent more time chasing his rodeo dreams, and spending any extra money that they had. Kylie and the foreman Dix were the only people left to work the ranch. With the advancement of her pregnancy, then the unexpected death of Alex, Dix knew Kylie needed more help.

After Kylie was in an accident, Dix called Alex's half-brother, Brock Warner. Brock didn't have fond memories of Saddle Ridge. His father had only married his Native American mother because she was pregnant, and he never showed Brock any affection. He had known there was an attraction between him and Kylie, but at the time, there had been too great an age difference. Then she had married his brother.

Now Brock is back, and Kylie is widowed. The age difference is no longer significant, but the ghosts of their pasts still haunt.

Expecting His Brother's Baby is the third and final in Ms Smith's Baby Bonds series. The books have been about three best friends in the small fictional town of Wild Horse Junction. I just knew that Kylie and Brock would have a story and had been anticipating their story since Book 1 - Custody For Two. Ms Smith consistently writes romances full of emotion and engaging characters, and this one is no exception.

Kathy Andrico - RoadToRomance.ca