Expecting the CEO's Baby

Silhouette Special Edition #1535

By Karen Rose Smith

April 2003

Contemporary Romance

After her husband died, Jenna Winton decided to still have his child. It was a difficult decision, but a year after he died, Jenna was pregnant. However, there had been an error, and she learned that she was carrying the child of another man, a powerful and influential man. A man who had the ability to take her child away from her. A man, who from the moment she sets her eyes on him, she wants with a passion she doesn't recognize.

Blake Winston had planned in case someday he may want to have a surrogate mother bear his child. He just hadn't anticipated it being now. When he learned that Jenna was carrying his baby, he was determined to act decisively. He was used to business deals, so he figured he could treat this situation the same - he quickly learned how wrong he was. Jenna's reaction to his offer for compensation caused Blake to consider her point of view, that of a mother who loved the child she was carrying, and was not willing to give up.

So Blake decides to offer her a different proposition. Why not marry? He was wealthy, and could take care of all the financial problems resulting from Jenna's husband's medical bills. She could choose to no longer work. They could both be full time parents. And there was obvious desire between them.

Karen Rose Smith has written a romance about two people who are forced into a difficult position and must try to make the best decisions for themselves and their baby. As with her other books, this story is full of emotion, and the secondary characters and situations add to the realistic feel. Ms Smith has a smooth touch to her writing, which simply strengthens quality of her books.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com