The Daddy Verdict

Dad's In Progress Series - Book 3

Silhouette Special Edition #1925

By Karen Rose Smith

September 2008

Contemporary Romance

Ben Barclay prided himself on always taking the right precautions, but one time he hadn't. Now, Sierra Girard, a woman he had met at an engagement party and slept with, was pregnant with his child. At least she said it was his child, but he really didn't know her. Granted she was close to his friends, but he was an assistant district attorney and knew better than to take people at face value.

Sierra hadn't planned any further than letting Ben know that he would be a father. She certainly hadn't expected him to want to be a part of their child's life. She was determined to have a better relationship with her child than she'd ever had with her parents. They had been more involved in their work and each other, and Sierra felt much closer with her aunt. This had made her independent, and she wasn't used to having someone come in and start making decisions that affected her, even if he was the father of their baby. Still, she wanted them to have a good relationship, but as she got to know him better, she feared that she might be falling in love with someone who was so engrossed with his work, he might not be capable of loving her back.

The Daddy Verdict was a bittersweet read. I loved reading Ben's story and watching as Sierra broke through his barriers in what was a very satisfying romance. However, it is also the end for the Barclay brothers and the Dads in Progress series. I have enjoyed reading their stories, and visiting the characters. I look forward to seeing what Ms. Smith has in store for us readers next!

Kathy Andrico -