The Daddy Plan

Dad's In Progress Series - Book 2

Silhouette Special Edition #1908

By Karen Rose Smith

June 2008

Contemporary Romance

Sam Barclay was floored by his veterinary assistant's request. Anyone would be. Corrie Edwards had met up with him at his cabin to ask him to donate sperm for her to have a baby. It wasn't the type of offer many men were asked, and most men would turn down flat. But Sam wasn't most men. He'd already lost one child, a child who had never had an opportunity to even be born. He knew that this might be his one opportunity to be a father, even if he was relegated to the sidelines.

Corrie knew Sam, respected him, and only wanted his sperm. And not in the traditional sense, at least that is what she kept reminding herself. They had shared one kiss a few years ago, but their relationship had been strictly professional since then. She was thrilled by his acceptance of her request, but a little nervous as to his further intentions. She never expected him to want to be more than just a donor. She had not planned to exclude him, but based on her own experiences with the opposite sex, she never anticipated his eager willingness to join her on doctor visits or shopping. It was almost as if they were a couple.

But Corrie had to keep reminding herself they wouldn't, couldn't, be that. She knew that if they allowed themselves to cross that line, it would undoubtedly cause friction in the future.

I had been wanting The Daddy Plan since we had seen Sam trying to heal from a devastating blow during the first story. I loved watching as Sam and Corrie came together. I was a bit upset with both of them with their naivety when continually not protecting themselves with contracts, considering they both had family/friends in law. As can be expected with Ms Smith, The Daddy Plan is a touching story including reconciliation, love, and a full cast of characters.

The Daddy Plan is the second story in the Dads in Progress series about the Barclay brothers. It does stand on its own, although I'd recommend reading the series from the beginning. I eagerly await Ben's story which will be out later this year.

Kathy Andrico -