The Daddy Dilemma

Dad's In Progress Series - Book 1

Silhouette Special Edition #1884

By Karen Rose Smith

February 2008

Contemporary Romance

In order for her mother to receive an experimental medical treatment not covered by insurance, Sara Hobart had raised the money by giving up some of her eggs. She did this anonymously, and she didn't regret doing so in order to have more time with her mother. Then she had the accident. Her mother was now gone, and she learned that she would never have children. But she did have a child. A son.

Nathan Barclay was not happy having Sara appear on his doorstep. She had provided him and his wife a miracle, Kyle, but she was not entitled to his son. He appreciated the fact that Kyle was the only child Sara would have, but he needed to keep in mind Kyle's best interests. Colleen was Kyle's mother. She had carried twins, given birth, but then tragically, both she and Kyle's twin had died during childbirth.

Sara said that she only wanted to know Kyle, but it soon became apparent to both Nathan and herself that she wanted more. After all, she was Kyle's mother, and she was alive. Nathan agreed to have Sara spend the holidays with them while they waited for the DNA testing to learn the truth. Yet they all knew the truth. It was instinctual. Kyle and Sara bonded from the moment they saw each other. And there seemed to be another instinctual response, that perhaps Nathan and Sara belonged together as well.

The Daddy Dilemma is a poignant story of a woman trying to find a way into the life of the only child she would ever be able to have, and a man trying to move past the guilt of finding a new love. As can be expected with any book by Karen Rose Smith, it is touching and emotional. It also touches on an important issue of what makes a person a parent. Sara had endured many disappointments, but not having a life with her son was something she would not allow. Nathan believes that the woman who had carried Kyle and gave her life as a result is his mother. Sara and Nathan must learn that they are both right.

In The Daddy Dilemma, the Barclay brothers are introduced. Nathan is the first of the brothers to find love. Ms Smith excels at creating diverse, well developed characters, and I am eager for both Sam and Ben to find their own loves in the remaining two stories of the Dads in Progress series.

Kathy Andrico -