Custody For Two

Baby Bonds Series - Book 1

Silhouette Special Edition #1753

By Karen Rose Smith

May 2006

Contemporary Romance

Dylan Malloy had desired to travel abroad photographing exotic locations, but the death of his parents when he and his sister were young had caused him to delay that dream. His priority was to get custody of Julia and raise her. Once she had grown, he had traveled. Julia later married, and Dylan made certain his home base was close to her.

Then Julia was gone. In a freak accident, Julia and her husband had died, but the doctors were able to deliver their baby. Grieving for the loss of his beloved sister, Dylan raced home to be there for his newborn nephew, Timmy. He also needed to find out why he had not been named guardian of Timmy. His sister had given custody of his nephew to her friend Shaye, and Dylan needed his questions answered.

Shaye Bartholomew had always wanted a child, and immediately thought of Timmy as her own. The arrival of his uncle Dylan unsettled her on many levels. First, she knew he had been shocked to discover he had not been named guardian. Shaye knew that Julia had not wanted to burden Dylan again after he had once before postponed his dreams to raise her. Second, being in Dylan's presence caused a burning awareness in Shaye that she feared Dylan could use against her.

Karen Rose Smith has written a poignant romance that will touch the readers. Although the book starts with a tragedy, it is the triumph of life that vibrates within the story. Dylan and Shaye must overcome their grief and personal wishes for Timmy to determine what is best for him.

Kathy Andrico -