Cabin Fever

Montana Mavericks Continuity Series

Silhouette Special Edition #1682

By Karen Rose Smith

May 2005

Contemporary Romance

Emily Stanton knew what her boss was. Not only was she his secretary, but she had read enough about him in the papers. Now he was embroiled in a paternity scandal - with him claiming that he is not the father. Having been burned before, Emily knows that he is exactly not what she needs. Then she finds herself stranded with him in a remote cabin during a freak storm, and fears that her attraction for him may override her common sense.

Brad Vaughn knows what is said about himself, but he has reasons for everything - particularly in the types of relationships he makes. He knows that there is no validity to the paternity claim, but suddenly he wants to make explanations to Emily. After working with her for several months, Brad begins to feel a strong attraction to her. But will the ghosts of their pasts keep them apart?

Karen Rose Smith has contributed an emotional romance with everything from being stranded in a cabin, to a mystery, to a possible missing treasure. This is part of the Montana Mavericks Continuity Series, but stands completely on its own.

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