Baby By Surprise

Baby Experts Series - Book 3

Silhouette Special Edition #1997

By Karen Rose Smith

September 2009

Contemporary Romance

It only takes one time. One meeting. One night together. Now Francesca Talbot was pregnant with Grady Fitzgerald's baby. It wasn't a position she had expected to find herself in, but not something she regretted. However, life experiences had made her fiercely independent, and she was not going to allow Grady to overtake her or her child's life. After an incident where she learned she had gestational diabetes, Francesca knew she was having a son. But he wasn't only her son.

Grady had allowed Francesca to dictate the terms of her pregnancy. He had stayed away, with only e-mail updates of her developing pregnancy, but he wanted more. When the opportunity arrived, he offered to have Francesca recuperate at his home. They needed to get to know one another better. He needed a more active role in their baby's life.

He quickly realized it was more than just his son he wanted. He wanted Frannie. But they both needed to heal from their pasts. It would take time, patience, understanding, and a little bit of give and take for them to find their happy ending.

Baby By Surprise was a touching story of two individuals overcoming abuse from the past. Francesca's past was an obvious challenge, but the betrayal Grady had faced had impacted him equally. I enjoyed watching them come together, and Francesca learning that true independence does not mean the absence of help from others. I adored the loving interference of Grady's family, and how they immediately accepted Francesca. This was the third story in what is now the six book Baby Experts series, and I look forward to the last three.

Kathy Andrico -