Primal Needs

Primes Universe Series - Book 7

By Susan Sizemore

Pocket - January 2009

Vampire Romance

Once, vampire Sidonie Wolf and werewolf Joe Bleythin had been best friends, as well as co-workers. Then, knowing what would happen to Joe if the clan knew of their relationship, she had removed his memories of them becoming lovers. It wasn't until Sid revealed the truth of their past that Joe left.

Now, Joe was a member of the Dark Angels. He followed their leader, Tobias, and it was only on his orders that Joe was now back with Sid. He couldn't accept what she had done to him, but they needed information Sid might have from when she had been captured.

Sid's sire also needed her. Anthony Crowe wanted her help in finding Rose Cameron, the human he had loved, but given up, over sixty years earlier. Now she was missing from the nursing home, and he intended to find her.

Primal Needs finally brings two of my favorite characters together. I've been wanting to see Sid and Joe reunited, and was thrilled to see Tony finally have love. It was fascinating to witness the inner workings of the citadel as well. The one issue with this story was an overload of flashbacks. It would be present, then back 3 years, then present, then back sixty years, then present, then back twelve hours.

Kathy Andrico -