Primal Desires

Primes Universe Series - Book 6

By Susan Sizemore

Pocket - September 2007

Vampire Romance

Publicly, Jason Cage was known as "The Beast Master" performing onstage with wild animals in Las Vegas. In truth, Jason was a Family Prime who during World War II had aided a group of Romany in taming the wild werewolves, and fought against a secret Nazi project.

Jason had answered a summons and learned that he needed to train Sofia Hunyara to be a wolf tamer. She had not been raised in the Hunyara family and did not know of her heritage. She did not believe that there were werewolves, let alone that she was now expected to learn how to control them.

They have to work together. Jason needs to train Sofia, and now Sofia's cousin Cathy is missing. Sofia is slowly accepting that there are werewolves, but she has no idea that she is bonding to Jason, a Prime vampire who recognizes Sofia as his bondmate. He also knows that he may have to give her up.

Susan Sizemore has delivered yet another scintillating story with Primal Desires. There is so much going on. There is the growing bond between Jason and Sofia, Cathy is captured by feral werewolves, the Blythins and their crew are searching for their co-worker Cathy, and female vampire Sid has decided that if she has to have a baby, she wants Jason to be the male donor. Many characters from the previous stories reappear as we learn more about the Prime world and they learn that their facts may not be complete.

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