Master of Darkness

Primes Universe Series - Book 4

By Susan Sizemore

Pocket - February 2006

Vampire Romance

The comic-book quoting Laurent from I Hunger For You is back. Not nice enough to be a good guy, and frankly too lazy to be a bad one, Laurent was a vampire without family, clan or tribe. He was being hunted by Tribe Monticore - the tribe he had been raised in, but neither did he feel comfortable enough to join a family or clan. He considered those primes too prissy. He'd just stay away from everyone.

Or he would have, if he hadn't been mistaken for a Clan Prime. Eden Faveau was under the mistaken notion that he was to be her new vampire partner in tracking down the distributors of a powerful, harmful vampire drug. As a member of a vampire-hunting family, Eden had learned all about the vampire world, but being assigned a vampire like Laurent was disconcerting. He didn't appear to always agree with the clans or families, he sometimes sympathized with the tribes, and he didn't even take the drugs that allowed vampires to walk in daylight. How could having a partner who only worked half the time be at all productive.

Readers will simply adore Laurent. His wry humor and outlook on life is hilarious. As a proper tribe prime, he should be looking for his own harem. Instead, such thoughts made him nauseous. He was a lost vampire on his own, until he found his own Eden. I absolutely adored Laurent from Ms Sizemore's last book as he quoted the Spiderman movie. I believe all readers will fall in love with him now.

Kathy Andrico -