I Thirst For You

Primes Universe Series - Book 2

By Susan Sizemore

Pocket - June 2004

Vampire Romance

He came to her in his darkest hour. Having endured tortures, and experiments, Marcus Cage was drained, hurt, and hungry. But he had hope. He could feel her calling him. And as the old legends predict, he had found his mate.

Hoping to simply escape for awhile in order to heal - physically, mentally, and emotionally - Josephine Elliott was spending some time roughing it in the desert. She never expected to be captured and kidnapped by a man to whom she finds herself irresistibly drawn. He is her abductor, and she knows better than to be sympathetic towards him. Regardless, Jo finds herself longing for Marc with a primitiveness that both fascinates and terrifies her.

But time does not always allow for the pleasures of finding one's mate. Enemies are swiftly tracking Marcus, and these are enemies who will stop at nothing to learn the secrets of his kind. They will betray, bewilder, and kill.

Ms Sizemore continues to lead her readers into her world of Vampires. This foray introduces us to a member of the Families. (We met the Clans in I Burn For You, and I am anxious to learn more about the Tribes). Darker than her first story, Thirst introduces a threat to all Vampires. I eagerly await I Hunger For You.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com