I Hunger For You

Primes Universe Series - Book 3

By Susan Sizemore

Pocket - April 2005

Vampire Romance

Cocky, self-assured, and everything else Prime, that described Colin Foxe. He was a Clan Prime, dedicated to protecting humans. When his SWAT Team is called in for a hostage situation, he never expects to meet the headstrong mortal whom he communicates with on a psychic, and later, more intimate level. But it doesn't matter how drawn he is to Mia Luchese, Colin had long ago decided that he would only bond with a Clan female. So he leaves her.

Just a few months, that was all the time Mia had with Colin before he left. Then one night, he returns, just as she is being attacked by a vampire. She had no doubt it was a vampire, it was probably drawn to her since she was from a long line of vampire hunters. She had trained for years just in case this occurred, yet it was Colin who came to save her. Although a member of the elite SWAT, there would be no way he could be a match to a vampire. So Mia needed to find her reclusive relative who would be able to train her as a vampire hunter.

A vampire and a vampire hunter. So concerned about protecting each other, yet still fighting the mutual undeniable attraction they feel for one another. Mia believes the stories that have been passed from generation to generation about the evil vampires who prey on unsuspecting humans, and Colin is a vampire who, well, simply isn't that.

Ms Sizemore continues to thrill with her third installment in the Primes vampire series. Readers will empathize with the unsuspecting heroine who jumps into her hunter heritage to become a protector. They will also enjoy watching the hero as he fights fang and nail to avoid bonding with a human. The introduction of members from a Tribe adds a new dimension to this series. This reader anxiously awaits stories of several Prime characters that have been introduced. After all, no one who can quote a Spiderman movie can be all bad. Ms Sizemore has injected just the right mixture of darkness, suspense, romance, and, yes, humor.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com