I Burn For You

Primes Universe Series - Book 1

By Susan Sizemore

Pocket - October 2003

Vampire Romance

Domini Lancer was not a woman to be taken lightly. She helped in her grandfather's business, as a bodyguard for those who need the best. When her grandfather, hires Alexander Reynard, it is Domini's responsibility to run him through orientation. But from the moment she meets him, Domini finds herself drawn - both metaphorically and physically. She wants to touch him, lean into him. He disturbs her. Then she finds herself dreaming of him, and vampires.

Alexander Reynard was born of the night. Having taken a vow to protect mortals, he had served in the Army, and even been a member of the Delta Force. When the drugs which allowed him to live in the light of day began to fail, he knew he had to quit. Then, she arrived, she was his mate. From the moment he sees her, she throws his senses even more off kilter. He finds himself obsessing to claim Domini, but he fights his natural urges, wanting to be able to find a new mix of drugs that will allow him to come to her in the daylight.

Susan Sizemore has introduced an entirely new take on the vampire myth, with groups known as clans, families, and tribes. Toss in a werewolf, and any reader is in for a delight! I am looking forward to a long continuation to this new series.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com