Silver Silence

Psy-Changeling Trinity Series - Book 1

By Nalini Singh

Berkley Sensation - June 2017

Paranormal Romance

The Psy-Changeling Trinity series, is a continuation of Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling series. It is essentially the second story arc. New readers might find starting with Silver Silence a good easy introduction into this world. However, it does contain spoilers to the previous story arc and characters. This review assumes that the reader has read the previous stories in Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling series, and does contain spoilers to prior books. Personally, since I have enjoyed all of the stories to date, I highly suggest reading the series in order.

Silence had fallen, but Silver Mercant knew it would not be for everyone. She was not someone who could embrace emotions. She continued in her role as director of EmNet, the Emergency Response Network that helped people of all races, Psy, human and changeling. She had contacts worldwide, and continually gathered information, she was a Mercant after all. But nothing could prepare her for the bear.

As alpha of the StoneWater bears, Valentin Nikolaev, could have had someone else make deliveries to Silver. But he relished the challenge of circumventing Silver's security. Both her apartment's security, and her personal armor. When Silver's life is threatened, Valentin's protectiveness goes into hyperdrive and he is willing to challenge both Kaleb Krychek, Silver's former boss who happened to just be the most powerful Psy, probably ever, and Ena Mercant, Silver's grandmother, the matriarch and head of the Mercant family, and a power in her own right.

Valentin might have an interest in Silver, but even he knew it wouldn't be wise to kidnap Silver. Luckily, it never came to that and Valentin was able to bring Silver to his pack, to his home. Denhome.

Finally, readers meet Kaleb's former right hand woman, Silver Mercant. The fascinating Psy who has captured the interest of a bear alpha. Still Silent since the fall of Silence, brilliant, and quite capable of putting said bear in his place. Of course when it comes to bears, their place is pretty much anywhere they want to be. Could just be sprawled wherever they lay, or that any party isn't a party without a bear. Quite simply, when it comes to a bear changeling, anything they do can be summed up in two words "they're bears". Placing Silver in the middle of this pack, and Silver Silence was entertaining from start to finish. Even better than meeting new friends was Valentin's devotion to his pack, and his mate. Valentin is willing to do anything to protect Silver, even if it means giving her up forever.

Kathy Andrico -


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