Kiss Of Snow

Psy-Changeling Series - Book 13

By Nalini Singh

Berkley Sensation - May 2011

Paranormal Romance

This review assumes that the reader has read the previous stories in Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling series, and does contain spoilers to prior books. Also, due to back stories in previous books, I highly suggest reading the series in order.

Sienna Lauren was reaching the end of her endurance. She had been drawn to Hawke from the moment she first laid eyes on him, but she had been too young. The truth, however, was that she had never had the opportunity to truly be young. As a powerful Psy with dangerous abilities, she had been taken as a child and trained to harness those gifts. Now she was a Snow Dancer soldier, but the knowledge that the Snow Dancer alpha might turn to another threatened her control at the most fundamental level.

Hawke could never have Sienna. First, she was too young. He'd survived the brutal attack of his pack and triumphed over their enemies. As a wolf changeling, he only would have one mate in his life. He had known his mate when they were children, but she had died. There was no chance at a future for Sienna - no matter what his pack and those cats said.

Sienna had a will forged of steel, and pack was more than willing to aid her on her quest. Hawke might not find another mate in Sienna, but everyone knew she rubbed his wolf the right way.

In Kiss of Snow, we finally have Hawke and Sienna's romance - the story that readers have been eagerly awaiting for years. It is everything I was expecting - and more. First there is the fierce romance of two headstrong individuals destined for one another. They are more than determined to protect each other, and pack, past the extent of their abilities. Then there is the continuing battle against their enemies. What will please many readers is the secondary romance between Walker and Lara. We finally learn what happened in the previous story that had Lara so upset with the Silent Walker - and get to watch as his Silence shatters.

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