Archangel's Consort

Guild Hunter - Book 5

By Nalini Singh

Berkley Sensation - February 2011

Urban Fantasy Romance

This review assumes that the reader has read the previous books in Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter series, and does contain spoilers to those books. I also highly suggest reading the stories relating to Elena and Raphael in order.

Elena was home. Having spent time at the Refuge learning how to use her new wings, Elena had returned with Raphael to New York City. This was her beat. These were her people. But to these people, she was a novelty, something to watch, maybe fear. She had been born mortal, but after becoming the lover of the Archangel of New York, she had turned. She was now an angel, one who was still learning how to deal with her wings.

But Elena had an even bigger problem. A killer was hunting, and her family was probably in danger. Vampires were killing in an in explicable manner. There were reports of strange weather phenomenon. Even the archangels couldn't remain unaffected.

This many inexplicable events could not be a coincidence. Something was coordinating them. But who? Was it a past enemy who still lingered? Or was someone powerful waking? An ancient who had once before defeated Rafael.

Archangel's Consort draws readers deeper into the scintillating world of Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter series. Treachery, deceit, fear, action, love and passion - nothing is missing from this series. Raphael and Elena's relationship only strengthens - and it was wonderful to watch. We glimpse at the secondary characters, and are left eager for more. I definitely look forward to further books in this series.

Kathy Andrico -


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