Flirtation of Fate

Psy-Changeling Series - Book 15a

Short Story in Wild Embrace Anthology

By Nalini Singh

Berkley - August 2016

Paranormal Romance

Due to the complex world building and continuing storylines, it is recommended to read this series in order. However, this story can be read on its own.

Kenji Tanaka loved Garnet Sheridan. She didn't know, and he couldn't tell her. In fact, he'd made it a point that they wouldn't be together. But she wasn't in a relationship with anyone else, so he could talk to her. Volley verbal jabs with her. Wallow in a little bit of what could have been.

Garnet would never forget the pain Kenji had caused, could still cause. But he was a packmate, someone she trusted when there was a murder investigation, someone she knew she could rely on to work with her. What she couldn't understand was why he seemed so perfect, when he had proven to be heartbreak.

Suddenly, it was so obvious. Kenji was hiding something. Something from the pack, something from her. And Garnet was a woman equally determined to find out once and for all Kenji's secrets.

Flirtation of Fate was a romance, a mystery, a story of healing, and a passionate reunion. Kenji has a habit of showing one face to the world, while keeping his hurts hidden. Garnet had allowed Kenji to push her away, but is now realizing that there was no way her friend would ever have intentionally hurt her so badly. I adored finally seeing these two reunite, and enjoyed watching as Kenji tried to evade Garnet, not at all successfully. After all, Garnet was on the hunt for the man who was always hers, and Kenji's heart wasn't into running from the one who was his other half. Funny, flirty, and sexy, Flirtation of Fate will satisfy Kenji and Garnet fans.

Wild Embrace is an anthology of four Psy-Changeling stories by Nalini Singh. Echo of Silence tells the story of a human and a Psy that had been alluded to in previously published stories, Dorian gives glimpses of Dorian's past experiences as a latent changeling, Partners in Persuasion shows the hope after a giant battle and a romance between a submissive wolf hero and a dominant leopard heroine and in Flirtation of Fate, two familiar characters finally find their happily-ever-after.

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