Bonds of Justice

Psy-Changeling Series - Book 10

By Nalini Singh

Berkley Sensation - July 2010

Paranormal Romance

This review assumes that the reader has read the previous stories in Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling series, and does contain spoilers to prior books. Although it can stand on its own, I highly suggest reading the series in order.

Sophia Russo was walking a fine line. As one of the J-Psy, in the Justice Corps, she delved into the horrific memories of society's worst. The sociopaths and psychopaths whose criminal activities they needed to investigate. Contact with such depravity blurred the lines of right and wrong, particularly in a race who had embraced Silence, the elimination of emotions. A simple thought could deliver justice equal to the crimes. Sophia was good, but she was nearing her expiration date as a J-Psy. She knew that one day she would simply not be available for a case anymore. She would enter one last rehabilitation.

Max Shannon was a good cop, a great detective, and wanted justice served. It had gained him strong alliances within the changeling community, but had kept him from being promoted. He didn't play politics, and although human, his natural shields were a deterrent to the Psy.

But two Psy had taken notice of him. One was the J-Psy he had worked with, Sophia. The other was Psy Councilor Nikita Duncan. Nikita had requested the help of both Sophia and Max to investigate seemingly unconnected deaths. Max and Sophie quickly uncover secrets and deceptions. The mystery unravels slowly, but their connection to one another quickly flames out of control.

Bonds of Justice delivered as expected, a fast paced, emotional romance that will keep readers riveted from cover to cover. Max had demanded his own story from the moment he stepped onto the pages in Mine to Possess. He needed a heroine equally determined to enforce the law, and Sophie, a J-Psy, was the perfect match. I adored the interaction with Max with his Changeling friends and contacts. As always, after completing a Psy-Changeling story, I sit back eager for the next.

Kathy Andrico -


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