The Down Home Zombie Blues

By Linnea Sinclair

Bantam - December 2007

Science Fiction Romance

Commander Jorie Mikkalah of the Guardian Force was doing what she did best. She and her team had traveled by PMaT (beamed) to this nil planet to hunt zombies. They had lost contact with the agent hunting on this planet, and Jorie feared what that might mean for her friend. In the meantime, she and her team had to find their way to his location across this dirty planet aptly named Earth.

Sergeant Theo Petrakos had learned to accept that seeing unusual deaths in his career as a homicide detective was just a normal day on the job. Finding a mummified body, and an obviously new "high-tech" laptop could normally be explained after some investigation. However, the three eyed, multi limbed, mutant that came out of a hole in the air was something right out of his Greek childhood horror stories.

Jorie, or the "one-woman war machine" as Theo named her, claimed they were zombies. She and the crew of the ship she arrived on were here to take care of them. Theo wasn't about to leave the fate of his town and planet in the hands of the aliens who had created these zombies. Together, Jorie and Theo fight the zombies and uncover a threat to all their people.

In The Down Home Zombie Blues, Linnea Sinclair yet again delivers a novel which perfectly melds the science-fiction and romance genres. With the imminent threat of zombies, it is also an action-packed thriller that will keep readers riveted from cover to cover, yet Ms Sinclair still manages to maintain a bit of levity. And best yet, the hero is Greek-American, and Ms Sinclair throws in a bit of the culture. This book has it all. Linnea Sinclair is a "Must Read" author for anyone who wants a fun, fast-paced, "unable to put down" science-fiction romance.

Kathy Andrico -