Macawley's List

Tales From the Second Chance Saloon

Short Story in Mammoth Book of Futuristic Romance Anthology

By Linnea Sinclair

Running Press Book Publishers - January 2013

Science Fiction Romance

Raphael Macawley loved Briony Winn. He had never told her. Never told anyone. She considered him heartless, ruthless. Certainly never a lover. He had loved her. Actually, he still did, but not for much longer. He was about to die, and he had never said it aloud. Not until the moment he died.

But he didn't die. He was somewhere, and there was a saloon. The Second Chance Saloon. They said he was being given a second chance. A second chance to tell Winnie he loved her. A second chance to change history. A second chance to try to win her love.

But a second chance that came with restrictions and a deadline.

Macawley's List is a short, fascinating tale of love and second chances. Linnea Sinclair is so skilled with creating wounded heroes. Macawley may not be physically wounded, but he is so emotionally constrained he allows years to go by without declaring his love for Winnie. I am intrigued to discover who may be given a second chance next.

Kathy Andrico -

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