Angel's Pain

Wings in the Night Series - Book 15

By Maggie Shayne

MIRA - October 2008

Paranormal Romance

Briar had no use for people, vampire or mortal, except to use them. As a vampire, she needed blood to survive. As someone seeking vengeance, she needed this group of misfits to find Gregor. As a woman, she had one use for Reaper.

Reaper may not have planned it this way, but he had a band of mortals and vampires under his protection, and he took their care very seriously. Then, one of his group, damaged vampiress Crisa, leaves. It is up to them to find her, but they also have to search for Gregor.

Joining Briar to search for Crisa, Reaper is certain that Briar is hiding all feelings of friendship and love. There has to be more to Briar's urgency in finding and rescuing Crisa. Reaper is determined to have Briar realize that she feels friendship and love for others, for Reaper has feelings for Briar.

Angel's Pain was another fascinating tale in the Wings of the Night series. I adored the hero, regardless of his name, and enjoyed watching as he broke through Briar's defenses. I love stories with a lot of secondary character involvement, and this story was filled with them. I have been a fan from the beginning of the series, and am enjoying as Ms. Shayne ventures into this new branch. The characters are engaging, and I am eager to see what happens next.

Kathy Andrico -