Dark Alliance Series - Book 2

By Kate SeRine

Zebra - April 2017

Romanctic Suspense

Concealed is the second book in Kate SeRine's Dark Alliance series and does contain spoilers.

Madeleine Blake's work had always been dangerous. She had been an FBI agent, and now she was the first female initiate of the Dark Alliance, a modern day Knight Templar. But that wasn't the riskiest part of her life. No, it was her relationship with Jack Grayson. A man she had been making a life with, then he had disappeared. The fact that she now knew he did it "for her protection" didn't make it easier to work with him.

Jack was a Dark Alliance agent, and he knew full well the difficulties of having a life outside his work. He had left Maddie, but she was still in his heart. He would always want to protect her, even though he knew she was a fully capable agent. But Jack had enemies from his past, enemies that were even now getting closer, and he had no intention of allowing Maddie, or anyone else he cared for, to get caught in the cross-fire.

Concealed begins in the middle of a critical operation, and the action and suspense never stops. However it is the emotion between these two individuals that is the heart of the story. There is no question that their love is still strong, despite years, lies and betrayal. It was truly enjoyable watching as they finally acknowledge that having a life together is not something they can just wish to have, but something that they can choose to fight for. There are a lot of fascinating operatives fighting the evil in the world, and I look forward to the next hero finding his heroine in the next Dark Alliance book.

Kathy Andrico -


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