Dark Alliance Series - Book 1

By Kate SeRine

Zebra - July 2016

Romanctic Suspense

Luke Rogan had thought he'd been on a sanctioned assignment. Instead it had been one mistake after another, with a good man in the hospital and a child in danger. Now, he had to find Elijah Scoffield and his mother Sarah and take them to a secure location.

Reeling from an attack and rescue by a stranger, Sarah didn't know what to make of her new circumstances. She was learning that most of her life she had been kept in the dark, and now her son was in danger due to those secrets. Thankfully, Luke was not as reticent as her own family had been, but she had a difficult time believing that Luke was a Knight Templar. Yes. One of those of legend. Although not with magic or anything. He was simply a deadly protector who was dedicated to keeping her and Eli safe.

They had to identify who the traitor, or possibly traitors, were. They also had to discover what knowledge had been given to Eli. That should have been their focus, but as the days passed, Luke and Sarah knew that there was something between them that couldn't be denied. But there could be no future for them as Luke's position in the organization prevented him from being allowed to be in a relationship.

Kate SeRine is quickly becoming an auto-read author for me. In Deceived, readers are introduced to a new history of the Templar Knights. These aren't your knights of old, but hardened warriors of today. There is mystery, action, friendship and romance. And fascinating secondary characters who I am hoping we will be seeing much more of - soon.

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