Star Cruise: Idol's Curse

Short Story in Pets in Space 4 Anthology

By Veronica Scott

October 2019

Science Fiction Romance

As the Nebula Zephyr's cruise director, Juli Shaeffer was used to dealing with any sort of request. But this was a new one. As part of a previous passenger's estate, the cruise ship had been asked to deliver a rock back to a beach on the planet Tahumaroa. Juli was well aware of the stories from different planets not to take items from beaches, but Juli wasn’t superstitious. This would be an easy request, or rather bequest, and she would also receive a bonus.

Third Officer Steve Aureli was looking forward to visiting with his Aunt Dian while she vacationed on the ship with her dog Charrli. He was also hoping she might help him make a good impression on the cruise director. When they find Juli beside a disable vehicle, Steve saw this as a good opportunity.

When the curise ship departs, odd things start happening. Small at first, but with increased risk. When the rock starts to disappear, Juli, with the help of Steve, Dian, and Charrli, have to hunt down the rock, keep track of it, and transport it to the beach. All without any major catastrophes onboard.

Star Cruise: Idol's Curse is an entertaining read from beginning to end. Juli can't even get out of the lawyer's office without a mishap, and the adventure increases in intensity from that point on. Steve is a wonderful hero, and I adored his relationship with Dian. As with each Star Cruise story, we see a different aspect of the running of the Nebula Zephyr, and each story has been an absolute delight.

Kathy Andrico -