Sudden Mail-Order Bride

Frontier Brides Series - Book 1

By Regina Scott

April 2024

Sweet Historical Western Romance

Caroline Cadhill's life had fallen around her. She'd grown up the daughter of a bank clerk with many benefits, but everything had crumbled when he had been convicted of embezzlement. Her father had gone to prison, and then her brother disappeared. She had chosen Jeremy Willets' advertisement for a mail order bride, and as they'd corresponded, she hoped she’d gotten to know the man. He'd spoken of his large family and his home. After being threatened at home, she headed on out west to meet Jeremy.

To say Jeremy was surprised to see Caroline would be an understatement, but it was a happy surprise. Perhaps it would have been better to meet her in person before the rest of his family, but luckily, his mom was on the side of their courtship. Jeremy was pleased with how well Caroline fit into their lives, and his arms, but a previous disastrous romance kept him hesitant.

Plus there was suspicious activity. They all had to be alert for potential rustlers, the possibility danger had followed Caroline from Cincinnati, and other would be suitors.

Sudden Mail-Order Bride was an enchanting romance from beginning to end. I loved how Caroline took her future into her hands and just headed off to Washington. She is fierce, independent, and willing to find, and fight for, her own future. Jeremy was a charming hero willing to allow Caroline the freedom she should have, but not necessarily wants. I enjoyed their romance and was thrilled to return to the Washington Territory. I hope to revisit the Willet family again soon.

Kathy Andrico -


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