Never Doubt A Duke

Fortune's Brides Series - Book 1

By Regina Scott

May 2018

Regency Romance

Jane Kimball didn't regret marrying her husband Jimmy. She had followed him in his military career, and had lived a life unlike many young ladies. But Jimmy was now dead and Jane needed to fend for herself back in England. She was in need of a new position when one almost miraculously presented itself to her. Miss Thorn, and her cat, of the Fortune Employment Agency, promised to find her the perfect post. She was then hired by the Duke of Wey to be governess to his three daughters.

Alaric, Duke of Wey, needed another governess for his daughters. They had managed to run off the previous women, and Mrs. Kimball appeared undaunted to face the challenge. That was what he needed, someone to handle his children as he turned his attention to the challenges of the estate. The tenants' livelihoods, and lives, depended on the project they were working on. But Mrs Kimball herself did not quietly transition into their household. His eldest was quite upset at the prospect of learning more than what she needed for her debut. Some of his staff questioned her every move. And he found the highlight of his day to be her evening visits where she updated him on his daughters' progress.

She was beginning to fit quite nicely into his home, but questions around her background abounded. Who was Miss Thorn and how had she known that he needed a new governess? And then there was a potential threat to them all. But Alaric knew that the biggest threat was to his heart.

Never Doubt a Duke was an enjoyable sweet Regency Romance. I loved how Jane insisted that these young ladies, regardless of their position in society, needed to know more than how to dance and sew. She faced each challenge head on. After all, these were only minor skirmishes compared to the battles the men she had been around had faced. I adored how when the one daughter insisted on riding a unicorn, she agreed that they would search until they found her the perfect one. She was a wonderful governess, but even better suited to be Alaric's wife and mother to the girls. I enjoyed this story and look forward to more in the Fortune's Brides series, and in particular, to learn more about Miss Thorn.

Kathy Andrico -


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