Never Hire A Hero

Fortune's Brides: Guarding Her Heart Series - Book 3

By Regina Scott

December 2023

Christmas Inspirational Historical Romance

Stephen Roth's past work, in silver mines, as a soldier, and finally bodyguard to royalty, had led to this. His new position as tutor to two children, and sometimes their young sister. England was now his home, and he needed a position. His patroness Lady Belfort felt this was ideal. So they, along with her cat Fortune, had travelled to Alldene Castle to meet the Countess of Alldene.

Roth knew his assignment, but he also understood young boys and knew he had to keep one step ahead of them. What he hadn't counted on was the younger sister who wished to be included. He was responsible for their education, but he couldn't shake off his years as a bodyguard, and was always alert for possible threats. The children might blame ghosts for unexplained sounds and lights, but Roth's instincts made him suspect something a little more worldly.

Thea needed help. Although Alldene was her inheritance, and she had been raised to be countess, she'd had her father's, then her husband's guidance. Now she alone was responsible for everything. More worrisome than those difficulties was the fact that her recently deceased husband had made his cousin guardian of the boys and he was threatening to send them away to school. She hoped hiring a tutor would satisfy him. Hiring Roth had been much more successful than she had anticipated. Not only was he dealing well with the children, he helped her in other ways. He helped her believe in herself.

Never Hire a Hero was an entertaining romance with a little mystery, a villain, a cat, and love. Set during the Christmas holiday, it was fun to see Thea and her family learn different Christmas traditions. Thea had challenges which had lowered her self-confidence, and Roth’s history had brought him to a new country with friends, but no family. It was wonderful to see them work together to face their issues and find that their best future is together. Never Hire a Hero is part of her Fortune's Brides series, and characters from previous stories appear, but it does stand on its own.

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