A View Most Glorious

American Wonders Series - Book 3

By Regina Scott

Revell - October 2021

Inspirational Historical Romance

Coraline Baxter had already achieved great heights. She had been one of the few women to attend university, and was now using her accounting degree in a bank. Granted her stepfather's position in the bank had secured her the job, but her expertise was what the men utilized in making financial decisions.

She intended to make her own decisions in life, and she was a proud suffragette. However, she loved her mother, even though she tried to push Cora into a life she didn't want. Even worse was her mother's newest fixation, Cash Kincaid. A man of questionable business practices and not supportive of women's rights. Unwilling to marry such a man, and at the same time determined to promote a woman’s ability to be equal to men, Cora decided to hike to the summit of Mount Rainier. All she needed was a guide.

Nathan Hardee hadn’t wanted to guide Cora and her stepfather to the summit, but after seeing her determination, ability and the chance to thwart Kincaid, he was willing. However, he was not a pushover. He might be willing to compromise on much, but when it came to the life or death decisions on the mountain, he was adamant that his decisions be final. Which could be a point of contention for Cora.

A View Most Glorious was a glorious finale to Regina Scott’s American Wonders series. Nathan was a fascinating hero with a touching backstory and an interesting new role as a mountain guide. He was accepting of women's rights and at ease with everyone he encountered. Cora was not a woman to allow a man to make her decisions, but she was also smart enough to acknowledge when someone else was better informed. It was fascinating to watch as they recognized each other’s strengths and worked to find a way to be together. I am sorry that A View Most Glorious is the last of the American Wonders series. As each story did stand on its own, I hope Ms Scott returns someday and writes additional stories involving our National Parks.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com


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