Nothing Short of Wondrous

American Wonders Series - Book 2

By Regina Scott

Revell - October 2020

Inspirational Historical Romance

Kate Tremaine wanted to remain in the dangerous beauty that was now home to her and her son. She wished to protect the natural landscape and animals that lived there. She and her husband had come to Yellowstone National Park to run the Geyser Gateway Inn. Nature had made her a widow after her husband encountered a bear, and although the work was more difficult now, Kate still embraced this new life.

When she met Lieutenant Will Prescott, it was as if a new future was available. Oh not the man, she was a widow of only one year, but he brought great news and opportunities for her and her inn. First, she learned that she might have a chance at a ten year lease. But she needed to meet certain criteria, and her staff was busy. Luckily, she and Lieutenant Prescott were able to trade help. She could be a guide and teach him and his men the area. He would help with sprucing up the inn.

Will's assignment was as inspiring as it was treacherous. They had a large swath of land to oversee, but dangers lurked. Wild animals, fires, and poachers were only a few of the challenges they had to face. However after spending time with Kate, Will soon learned the greatest danger was losing his heart.

Nothing Short of Wondrous is simply a wonderful romance in a glorious setting. Yellowstone seeps through on every page as readers see Kate and Will navigate towards one another. It was fascinating to see Yellowstone through the lens of a historical, including the challenges of trying to save the animals and natural resources for future generations. Nothing Short of Wondrous was a true pleasure to read and I look forward to further stories in Regina Scott's American Wonders series.

Kathy Andrico -


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