A Distance Too Grand

American Wonders Series - Book 1

By Regina Scott

Revell - October 2019

Inspirational Historical Romance

Meg Pero had learned from her father how to be a photographer, and now that he had passed, she was using those skills to make a living. She could not live the society life. She needed to be independent and pursue her passion of photography. The contract she had was the ticket to her new life. She would be the photographer hired by the Army to join a survey of the Grand Canyon. She would not let the fact that they were expecting a man sway her.

Nor the fact that the man leading the expedition was the man whose marriage proposal she had turned down.

Captain Ben Coleridge was on two missions. One shared with the team, one a secret. For both, the safety of the group was always a priority. He knew the dangers they faced, but something was suspicious. He needed to focus on his two assignments, but the more time he spent with Meg, Ben realized that he might now have a third goal. Winning the heart of this amazing woman once and for all.

A Distance Too Grand was a beautiful romance with the most amazing backdrop. What is more awe inspiring than the Grand Canyon, and this group is part of a survey trying to learn more about it, and hopefully find a passage through it. It was fascinating to see what went on in a survey, and as someone who enjoys photography, I loved learning a bit of the process from that time. I am always a sucker for a reunion romance, and adored watching Meg and Ben navigate not only the Grand Canyon, but the treacherous path to finally find love together. The Grand Canyon was the perfect setting for Regina Scott's introduction to her new American Wonders series. I look forward to visiting Yellowstone in the next book.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com


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