Romance By Mistake

By J. T. Schultz

Forbidden Publications - December 2007

Contemporary Romance

Granted it did sound like the plotting of a desperate wannabe contestant, but Marina Carzelli had not planned to douse anyone with her coffee. Embarrassed, Marina was very apologetic, but never expected to be verbally abused by the man's friends. Later, she was horrified to learn the truth of who he was, and what he was doing. Reeve was the bachelor on tv's latest hot reality show. And although she didn't want to become the newest contestant, as Marina spent time with Reeve, she wished that there wasn't this show between them.

Reeve Huntington was upset with his friends' behavior to Marina. She obviously was innocent of the mischief they suspected. Since Reeve was the bachelor on a reality show, many women were trying to become contestants on the show. Unfortunately, Reeve wasn't interested in any of the women who had been selected by his friends. Instead, it was the lovely Marina who constantly intruded into his thoughts. And the more the show progressed, the more Reeve realized that the only woman he was interested in was the one woman who would never consent to being a contestant.

Romance By Mistake was a fun story with unique characters. I enjoyed the developing romance between Marina and Reeve and I simply adored the intrusion of Marina's friends in helping Reeve woo Marina. However, I never once understood why Reeve had agreed to be on the show. Also, I found it a little odd that Marina had only male gay friends, and the only friends we meet of Reeve's didn't seem all that nice.

Kathy Andrico -