Cowboy's Wish

By J. T. Schultz

The Wild Rose Press - May 2007

Contemporary Romance

Everyone had to live with the mistakes of their past, and Cody Armstrong was no exception. He hadn't known just how much he loved Melanie Rourke until he had ended their relationship. He simply hadn't realized that it wasn't his job or a ranch that made for a rewarding life, it was being able to share your life with the woman you love.

Melanie couldn't believe her luck. Not only did her truck break down when she first arrived in Dallas, but she was rescued by her ex-boyfriend. From the moment she sees him again, all the feelings she thought she was over come flooding back. She hoped to be over him, but one look at him and she knew that simply wasn't true. Yet she couldn't allow herself to get hurt again.

Cowboy's Wish was a reunion story that I greatly enjoyed. Sure, Cody hadn't been too heroic in his past with Melanie, but he deeply regretted his actions, and accepted whatever response she deemed appropriate. He had grown and matured, and deeply loved Melanie. Melanie also acknowledged her own responsibilities from before. I loved watching these two find their ways back to each other.

Kathy Andrico -