You Belong to Me

By Patricia Sargeant

Kensington Dafina - November 2006

Multi-Cultural Romance

Nicole Collins didn't have a choice. If she was to get the money she desperately needed, then she had to sign the contract. Celestial Productions had been the only production company that had accepted her terms when they optioned her book for a movie. She could be professional enough to deal with her ex-husband.

Not everyone was offered a second chance, and Malcolm Bryant would take advantage of his. He plans to use all means at his disposal to win back Nicole, until tragedy strikes and Nicole becomes the obsession of a stalker. Then Malcolm will focus his attention on protecting the woman he has always loved.

You Belong to Me is a reunion story between a divorced couple who are slowly making their way back together. Malcolm is a hero determined to protect those he cares about, while Nicole is a heroine equally determined to share the emotional burden. This is the debut romance of author Patricia Sargeant.

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