Angel in the Alley

Short Story in The Power of Love Anthology

By Patricia Sargeant

Berkley Sensation - June 2008

Paranormal Romance

Twelve authors coming together and providing short stories for an anthology. Twelve short stories of empowered women overcoming obstacles and finding success and love. The Power of Love is an anthology of twelve romances written by some of today's brightest stars in the romance genre showing that sometimes anything is possible, given the power of love.

Sara Barber had met a stranger. He appeared to have made a home from cardboard boxes just outside the building where she would be opening her new coffee shop in a few days. She knew this wouldn't be good for business, but he had nowhere to go. Just as she once hadn't.

So she decided to give Raphael a chance. She would hire him to help with the last minute work she needed completed. What she didn't realize was that he would help her in ways she never anticipated.

Angel in the Alley was the story of a woman who, with a little help, overcomes her past. She learns that she has the strength within her to start a new life, and this "helper" guides her towards the possibility of love. This was a sweet story of hope and new beginnings.

Included in The Power of Love are: Sweet Dreams by Lori Foster, Unpredictable by Erin McCarthy, After Hours by Toni Blake, Last of the Red-Hot Mammas by Dianne Castell, Salesman of the Year by Karen Kelley, Dance the Fandango by Rosemary Laurey, The Girl Next Door by Janice Maynard, Chicken Soup for Annie by LuAnn McLane, No Angel by Lucy Monroe, Angel in the Alley by Patricia Sargeant, Hannah's Choice by Kay Stockham and The Mouse Who Roared by J. C. Wilder.

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