The Rogue Hunter

Argeneau & Rogue Hunter Series - Book 10

By Lynsay Sands

Avon Books - October 2008

Vampire Romance

Garrett Mortimer was a Rogue Hunter. He and his partner Bricker had been sent to join another hunter, Decker, to search for a rogue immortal. Although immortals could take blood "off the hoof" when necessary, they generally used bagged blood from the blood banks. However, someone in this "cottage country" area of Canada was taking blood from mortals, and they needed to search for this rogue, and stop him.

Samantha Willan and her sisters had arrived at their cottage for a two week vacation. She never expected to meet the intriguing Mortimer and his friends. But she knew better than to believe that someone like Mortimer would be interested in her. Her ex-boyfriend had been quite explicit in detailing her lack of appeal. Still that didn't stop her sisters from their loving teasing and attempts to put them together.

Mortimer couldn't believe that Sam might be his life mate. She didn't match any of the qualities he had imagined, but his inability to read her mind and control her were just the first signs. Soon, he had desires, and they were more than just a hunger for food. Still, there was a rogue loose, and the possibility existed that this rogue was doing more than take a few nips.

The Rogue Hunter was a phenomenal introduction to an offshoot of Lynsay Sands' Argeneau series. I adored Mortimer and his apparent initial dismay at the thought that Sam might be his life mate. The secondary characters were entertaining and I found myself laughing out loud more than once with Bricker's attempts to cover their true reasons for being there. The ending was a little incomplete, but I expect Ms Sands to have everything resolved in future stories.

Kathy Andrico -