The Lady is a Vamp

Argeneau Series - Book 17

By Lynsay Sands

Avon Books - August 2012

Vampire Romance

Desperate men make desperate decisions, and Paul Jones was nothing if not desperate to save the life of his daughter. After watching his wife die, Paul had no intention of doing the same with Livy - not when he had been given the secret to curing her. Paul was one of the few mortals who knew the truth about immortals. One of them was the key to saving his daughter's life.

One minute Jeanne Louise Argeneau was just walking along, and the next she was kidnapped. Although kidnapped might be a strong word, as she had the complete ability to escape at any time. But she was intrigued by Paul. First by the fact that he had done what he had, but then the little things about him. Such as the fact that she couldn't read his mind or control him. A life mate.

But a life mate who would do anything to save his daughter. Jeanne Louise needed time to see if Paul could come to love her as she was certain she was falling for him, and not going to make a decision to simply save his daughter. After all, she could only turn one mortal. They needed time, but time was short. For it was a sure fact that the hunters who worked for her Uncle Lucian would stop at nothing to save her.

The Lady Is a Vamp is yet another exciting fast paced addition to Lynsay Sands's Argeneau and Rogue Hunter series. But there is a poignancy interwoven throughout this story. Livy is very sick, and often in pain. She is dying, and there is only one way Paul can save her. What he doesn't understand is the cost to Jeanne Louise, as she only has one turn she can ever perform. Paul is a wonderful hero, his first thought is always for his daughter, regardless of the impact to himself. He is completely selfless in wanting what is always best for her. Such a hero is perfect for Jeanne Lousie, for as she spends time with Livy, she feels the same for the little girl. She wants it all, Paul for a life mate, and Livy for a daughter. Unfortunately, life doesn't always go as one hopes.

I adored this story, and how Ms. Sands deftly added humor and the always entertaining interactions of all the Argeneau extended family and friends that readers have come to love.

Kathy Andrico -


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