The Immortal Hunter

Argeneau & Rogue Hunter Series - Book 11

By Lynsay Sands

Avon Books - April 2009

Vampire Romance

Decker Argeneau's vacation plans had been ruined when fellow rogue hunters Garrett Mortimer and Justin Bricker had come to stay in his cottage while hunting a rogue. Instead, they had found a not-quite-rogue vampire, and Mortimer had found his life mate. Things were finally settling down, until they learn that Nicholas Argeneau, a rogue vampire they had been hunting for nearly half a century, had been sighted.

Dani McGill was scared. She and her sister Stephanie had been kidnapped by a group of men. The fact that she was rescued didn't alleviate her fears, as her sister was still missing, and Dani didn't know if she could trust her "rescuers". Too many questions surrounded them, not the least of which was what their real names were, and who they worked for. Then there was the fact that at times, she couldn't get her hands off of Decker "whatever-his-last-name" was.

Decker had certainly made a mess of things with Dani. Not only was she uncertain of whether she could trust him, but she was more than willing to rely on the rogue Nicholas. That seemed to be the way things went when a vampire finally found his life mate, as he had witnessed the previous few weeks with Mortimer. Unfortunately, time to woo his mate was not a luxury they had, as Stephanie's life hung in the balance.

The Immortal Hunter was a thrilling addition to the Argeneau and Rogue Hunter series. It was a fast-paced read with a suspense that gripped me from the beginning. I loved both Decker and Dani, and it was very entertaining to watch their courtship progress. It was tough for Dani to understand how she could be so wrapped up in Decker when her sister was still missing, and Decker just kept making one mistake after another with Dani. I definitely am looking forward to more stories in this series.

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