Immortal Ever After

Argeneau Series - Book 18

By Lynsay Sands

Avon Books - March 2013

Vampire Romance

Valerie Moyer and some other women had been held in cages and their captors had drugged them and took their blood. As if they were vampires. Luckily, Valerie had staked the one captor and was able to get all of them rescued. Unfortunately, the leader had escaped, with the body of the man she'd killed.

Anders had been among the Enforcers to respond to the 911 call Valerie had made. They had handled the mortal first responders and taken care of the other captive women. Valerie, however, had been brought to Lucian and Leigh's home. Anders would act as her bodyguard, but she was so much more to him than that. She was his life mate.

The other women's memories had been removed and they'd returned to their lives without the knowledge of the horrors they'd lived through. But when one by one they start to disappear, Anders suspects that Valerie might have more knowledge of the Rogue Immortal than she realizes. He will protect Valerie and keep her safe. The only Immortal's clutches that she will ever be in again will be his own.

Immortal Ever After begins in a house of horrors. Valerie proves to be resourceful and intelligent in thwarting her captors and rescuing both herself and the other women. What follows is traditional Argeneau mayhem with Leigh, Lucian, Marguerite, Bricker and everyone else. I enjoyed the story, but was a bit surprised that the Enforcers never anticipated the Rogue might return to reclaim his victims. I wonder if these Immortals feel a little too safe with their abilities.

Kathy Andrico -