After the Bite

Argeneau Series - Book 35

By Lynsay Sands

Avon Books - October 2022

Vampire Romance

The fact that one of her customers booked a round of golf late in the day, sometimes finishing in the dark, didn't bother Natalie one bit. As the owner of the golf course, she was pleased to have the reliable business. She just wished all her employees were as reliable as Mr. Valerian MacKenzie. While it was quite pleasant to see Valerian for the first time when he returned to the clubhouse early, having to lug a gas can to his golf cart that had run out of gas was not so pleasant. Even worse was the suspicion she was being followed in the dark.

Valerian had earned his break and was doing what he enjoyed most. Golfing. He never expected to rescue someone, or to discover that the woman who owned the golf course he had frequented for months might be his life mate. But it was the fact that he had to come to Natalie's rescue that was not welcome. The Angel-Maker was a serial killer that had stopped once winter ended. Valerian and his fellow Immortal Enforcers wondered if they had just missed signs that he had changed his MO and possibly had Natalie in his sights.

After the Bite is another fun and funny romance that includes a mystery and is chock-full of entertaining characters. Natalie is a true heroine, not allowing the difficulties of her past to define her. I enjoyed watching as the Argeneau extended family came in to help, not only to protect Natalie, but also assist with her business. Valerian proved to be the perfect hero for her. I look forward to the next romance in the Argeneau series.

Kathy Andrico -


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